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 Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning with a Difference

We are a Glasgow based dry carpet cleaning company.  We care for your carpets, rugs & upholstery to the highest standards using a specialist cleaning method.  We leave your carpet fresh, dry & ready for use.  We can also clean your upholstery with out the long drying times associated with other cleaners.

We undertake both domestic & commercial work throughout Glasgow North, Glasgow South, Helensburgh and Edinburgh at a time to suit you. Call us to find out more.

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/**/Carpet Cleaning
Let us breathe life into your old carpets.  Because professional carpet cleaning makes your carpet last longer it's good news for you and good news for the environment and good news for your wallet. Carpet cleaning Glasgow

Upholstery Cleaning
We know upholstery.  Let us use our expert cleaning services to freshen and rejuvenate your sofa and prolong its life and bring back the spring.  Did you know sofas can hold an astonishing amount of dry dust and dirt? Upholstery cleaning services

Leather Cleaning
It is very important to clean and nourish your leather regularly.  When you condition the leather you replace the natural oils within the material and help to keep it supple making it resist cracking and last for longer.  More about leather cleaning

Commercial Cleaning
We know that you need your items cleaned quickly and you need them to be dry.  We realise that it's so important to keep your customers happy and that's where we come in, Glasgow's best carpet and upholstery cleaners. Commercial cleaning services

Tile Grout CleaningDirty tile grout can really spoil the look of a tiled floor.  We can clean it and make it look fresh again.  We are also very skilled at cleaning textured tiles which over time can gather soil.  Professional tile grout cleaning

Advice for Home Sellers - Featured Article
With increased confidence in the housing market the market has been flooded with homes.  Here is some free advice to help you stand out in a crowded market and to help you maximise your potential.  Tips for a speedy home sale

What Makes Our Carpet Cleaning Different?
We leave your carpet dry & instantly available for use - So no waiting around!Our specialist encapsulation products help to reduce the rate of re-soiling, unlike wet cleaning products which can increase the rate of re-soiling.
We leave behind an invisible layer of protection.
We use environmentally friendly products which are biodegradable and organic.We save energy as we do not have to heat vast quantities of water.
      (We use as little as 24p of electricity cleaning a whole flat).  Now that's       efficient..
A free bottle of professional microsplitter for every customer.A free no obligation quote for every customer.We use 98% less water than other cleaning methods.

Please contact us to find out more information about our dry carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning services in your area.  Or click the want to know more tab for more details, or click here to view our e-flyer.

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